The key to succeeding through any exercise regime is to set a clear goal that is achievable, and more importantly safe for the joints. 

Another benefit of implementing Pilates within your exercise routine is that it helps to be more aware of your body’s weaknesses, strengths and the effective way of breathing while engaging in any type of workout. Once you successfully establish Pilates into your exercise routine, it boosts your physical and mental wellbeing your daily activities whether you are aware of it or not.

By adopting Pilates as a part of your routine program, you will be able to improve your overall flexibility and posture, strengthen muscles, and become far more aware of your body. It won’t take long before your body adopts the proper body movement while engaging in any form of workout or sports activity without any need for conscious thought. As a result, you will be able to stand and walk taller, stretch higher, and enjoy greater muscle strength.


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In Pilates the quality of movement is valued over quantity of repetitions.  Pilates is basically a strength training exercise that focuses on toning the muscles in conjunction to benefit the body posture. That is why many individuals include Pilates in their everyday exercise routines as a complimentary exercise to improve performance.

Pilates develops awareness of both body and mind. Almost all exercises are performed with precision as it helps you become aware of your body, improving precision, balance, and coordination. When you add Pilates to your daily exercise regimen, it boosts the proper posture awareness and technique increasing efficiency any other form of exercise. Individuals become more aware of the muscle or body area they want to improve. 

Everyone can benefit from customized Pilates exercises. Pilates compliments other exercises so even if you are already engaging in another type of activity like swimming, boxing, or running - you can still benefit from developing flexibility, core strength, and correct posture. 

Pilates uses a balanced way to strengthen the body, with a particular focus on core strength to improve well-being and general health. Pilates has many exercise variations and it can a complimentary workout with many other workouts, sports enthusiasts, and professional athletes. This means not getting bored doing the same routine every day.

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We are a unique fusion of traditional reformer pilates and dynamic strength training to achieve a whole body workout. With the state-of-the-art Allegro 2 Reformer you get all the benefits of traditional pilates packed into an intense, fun, and effective 50 minute workout. 

Benefits of Pilates as a Complement to Other Exercises:

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